1. What types of books can you do?
  • Our Creative Storytellers will be collaborating with you to create the perfect book collection for you. We believe that every family, baby, couple, and individual has a unique story to tell and we want to make it very personal for you. 
2. Who will do the layout of the books?
  • We value your time and we understand your busy schedule. So don’t worry about the layout as we will be the one to layout the books for you
3. How many photos can we put in the book?
  • The number of images will be depending on the size of the book that you will avail. We have 4 available sizes:

6x6 - (30 images)

8x8 - (50 images)

8.5x11 - (80 images)

10x10 - (100 images)

4. How do I send the photos?
  • You may send the photos via google drive, dropbox or Wetransfer. Click the steps in the homepage 
5. Can I send the photos from my phone?
  • Yes, you can send the compressed folder to us using your phones too. Here are the steps on how to:

6. Can I see a sample before printing the book?

  • Yes, definitely! A sample layout will be sent to you via email after 3 working days.

7. Is the book hardbound?

  • Yes, all books are laminated hardbound cover with matte finish. 

8. How long will it take before the book be delivered to me?

  • The photo book layout will be sent to your email after 3 working days, once approved, it will be delivered to your home via Move 

8. How do I pay?

  • As you checkout, we accept payment via Bank Transfer (BDO, BPI,) Express Checkout Paypal, & GCash QR Code.

10. Can I buy it and give it as a gift?

  • Yes, you may! Click ‘Gift Card’ to proceed. The TPC Books Gift Certificate will expire in November 2020.

11. Do I get a discount if I buy more than 3 books?

  • You can buy more volume of books and start making your home gallery! See the bundle below:
Photo book bundles